Sunday, February 16, 2020

Free ToS Generator Reviewed: Cooley GO

My evaluation of the Cooley GO's free Terms of Use generator.
  • What liability protections are included? Disclaimer of warranty, limitation of liability, indemnity, waiver of class action..Included release of future claims won't be enforceable in many cases but it doesn't hurt that they have included it. 
  • Free preview without having to fill in fields or give email?  No. Must fill in fields to see what you are getting, even though in the end everybody gets the same template.
  • Appears professionally-written?  Yes.
  • Plain English? No. All legalese. A document written by lawyers for other lawyers, not user-friendly.
  • Explanations/instructions? Minimum
  • Level of customization? Low
  • IP ownership provisions? Yes.
  • IP provisions for user-submitted content? Yes. 
  • Acceptable Use Policy? Yes, good one.
  • Procedures re copyright infringement? Yes.
  • Right to modify Terms at any time? Yes.
  • Right to terminate/ban any user account at any time? Yes.
  • Governing Law set close to your headquarters?  Yes.
  • Arbitration clause included? Yes, but it's too complex for users of free ToS generators
  • Ecommerce-specific provisions? Yes..

(Very comprehensive, complex and convoluted legal document. Too difficult for an average consumer to comprehend all the legalese. Contains strong liability protections).