Monday, March 30, 2020

Free Privacy Policy Generator Reviewed:

My evaluation of the free Privacy Policy generated by

I.                   REGULATIONS ADDRESSED


-  Advertising

-  GDPR (EU users)
-  CCPA (California users)
-  COPPA (Children’s privacy)
-  CalOPPA (DoNotTrack disclosure)
-  Direct marketing

II.                LOOK AND FEEL:

·         Preview without having to fill in fields or give email? No
·         Formats offered:
o    DOC
o    PDF
o    Copy text to clipboard
o    They’ll host unique URL with your generated PP
·         Allowed to host PP on your own platform?  Yes
·         PP includes the generator author's links/acknowledgements? Yes, links:

·         Excessive ads/popups? No

III.             CONTENT:

·         Claim to be written by a lawyer? No
·         Appears professionally-written?  Yes
·         Plain English or legalese? Balanced
·         Explanations/instructions/help/hints?  No
·         Level of customization? None – LOW– Adequate – Too Much. It doesn't even ask what personal information you collect. It just assumes you collect name, phone, address and cookies.
·         Right to modify at any time? No
·         Can be used for both website and app? No
·         Addresses cases of selling of PINo
·         Newsletter optionNo
·         Security issues disclaimer? Yes
·         Effective Date? Yes
·         Contact Us field?  Yes

IV.              VERDICT: 3/10

Purports to be international but does not address or addresses inadequately the biggest privacy laws in the world.