Monday, June 29, 2020

7 Fun Android Apps for Geeks

The following is a guest post by Weird Droid.

This era is for Android.

In today’s world, people like to use smartphones more than personal computers. Who would not want to use smartphones?

Smartphones are like powerful mini-computers that we can carry in our pockets. Especially if we talk about the Android platform, the users are growing in a large number every year because of  budget price and advanced features.

Android ROMs come with many useful features but are those features enough for an Android Geek? of course not!

Here we’ve filtered out some cool and fun applications who can extend or add more features to your Android smartphone and will give you the feel of a pro user.

Are you ready? Let’s see what we have in the list.

#1. Beta Maniac

Price: Free

This application is for them who love to use the Beta version of apps to get early access to the upcoming features. But isn’t it boring to look for the beta version of apps one by one by going through the Play Store?

Beta Maniac application lists all the beta versions of apps from the Google Play store. You just need to sign in to the app and there you will see a never-ending list of the beta versions of the apps that are available on the Play Store.

Beta Maniac
If you see a green tick mark on an app, then it means you are already using the beta version of that app. But if you see a blue tick mark on an app, then it means the beta version of that app is available on the Play Store.

Click on the beta version to install it. You can also scan for a new beta version of any application authorized by the Play Store using the Beta Maniac application.

Google Play Store

#2. Typewise Keyboard

Price: Free/Pro

Who doesn’t like to use different gesture control ideas? Most people hide there navigation bar and make their smartphones full screen just to use the gesture feature. Well, only those who use the latest models of Android smartphones.

It is okay to use gestures for navigation or to take a screenshot but if it comes to gesture typing, not so many people are interested to use this feature. Google keyboard already comes with the gesture typing feature but we bet you most people don’t use it.

Typewise Keyboard

But Typewise Keyboard is different. If you use this keyboard only for once you will fell in love with gesture typing.

There are many gestures in this keyboard and it was not easy for us to find out all the gestures but we’ve managed to figure out that if you swipe it horizontally to the left it will delete the sentence or word and if you swipe it horizontally again to the right, it will restore the deleted sentence.

Figure out the features yourselves!

Google Play Store


#3. Google Activity Bubbles

Price: Free

There are some developers who really worry about the time we kill by using our smartphones. They constantly work on building digital well-being apps to let us know how we are wasting our time by using our smartphones day and night.

Google is constantly working on this category too! Most digital well-being apps are boring and not all like to open and check out what’s going on with the app, but Google has sorted out this problem.

Google Activity Bubbles

Google Activity Bubbles allows you to set wallpaper and depending on your smartphone usage bubbles are gathered on the wallpaper. The more you have bubbles on the screen the more you used your smartphone on that day.

The next morning, you will find the screen neat and clean, and as you will start using your smartphone, the bubbles will start gathering.

Google Play Store


#4. Volume Style

 Price: Free/Premium

Most of us are very sensitive about the look of our smartphones. Even with a simple and little thing. If you are sensitive about the look of your smartphone, then this application is for you.

Volume Style
Volume Style lets you customize your volume bar to replace it with some popular ROMs. Choose the look of the volume bar in the app and simply apply it.

Google Play Store


#5. WiFi AR

Price: Free

It wasn’t expected that this app will be this cool while we were trying to figure out how this app works. WiFi AR shows your WiFi strength around you by giving a feeling of virtual reality.

This app analyzes the different WiFi strength in different locations around you and shows you like you are using VR.

Google Play Store


#6. Crono

Price: Free

Not all of you get unimportant notifications on your smartphone. Do you? This application is for those who work on their laptops or PCs and don’t like to see the notification on their smartphone every minute but don’t want to ignore them also.

Crono Chrome Extension
By installing Crono on your smartphone and also the chrome extension on your browser, you will see every notification on the chrome extension whenever a notification arrives on your smartphone.
Crono also allows you to transfer files between your computer and phone quickly so that you can save your time.

Google Play Store
#7. Rave 
 Price: Free

This application is for those who don’t like to watch anything alone. If you are in your house and you found a movie you would love to watch with your friends then this application is a perfect fit for your condition.

Rave allows users to stream videos from many platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, etc. with two or more people.

Rave Application
You just need to select the platform from where you want to stream your video and invite your friends to watch it together. The moderator can rewind or forward the video.

If you don’t have friends, don’t worry, you can join random public streams or you can stream publicly.

Google Play Store



These are not the best apps for you but we are sure they will help you in some ways. You should consider trying these apps atleast for once.

Android developers always work hard on making our life awesome. We salute those developers and their efforts.

So, are you going to use these apps? are they worth trying?