Thursday, August 26, 2021

Top 5 Crypto Exchange Products Breaking Into Global Market



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The numbers don’t lie; more and more people are getting into cryptocurrency than ever before - Naturally, this means more people are trading on exchanges and exploring the ever-expanding list of investment methods, on varying protocols, and with traditional or innovative approaches. This has given rise to a new crop of crypto exchange products that push the boundaries of how cryptocurrency can be leveraged whilst offering more convenient ways to trade crypto and make a profit.

While the crypto exchange sector is currently going through a metamorphosis, some exchange products that have dominated local markets are now aiming at taking center stage and breaking out into the global market, with their eyes set on world domination! Here are the top 5 crypto exchange products to keep an eye out for this summer, which might soon be household names...

1) Bit2Me
These days, consumers have to manage multiple apps, platforms, and wallets and keep ahead of regulatory and legislative changes. To this end, Spain’s largest Crypto Exchange & Service Platform Bit2Me help any entity in the blockchain universe to access and use crypto more efficiently. Moreover, Bit2Me’s principal objective is to render the traditional finance sector obsolete through the use of technology. Offering products such as the Bit2me Wallet, Academy, Card, OTC, and Trade, Bit2Me is a one-stop solution that is more than just an exchange - it is an ecosystem.

Bit2Me tops this list as they are currently running their ICO of their internal utility token B2M, which will give users unparalleled benefits across Bit2Me’s suite of services. Bit2Me’s goal is to break out onto the global stage with their fundraising, which will begin the Public Sale phase 1 on 6th September. B2M will also list on Bittrex in the coming months, improving global access to Bit2Me’s platform.

2) ADAX.Pro
Perhaps the only thing that has grown in popularity as fast as cryptocurrency itself is decentralized finance (DeFi), which has given crypto users access to more instant liquidity and control than ever before. This is the principle on which ADAX.Pro was founded.

ADAX.Pro is both a non-custodial and decentralized protocol, meaning that users can trade tokens without having to give up their private keys or access to their tokens. Additionally, no order books are used on ADAX.Pro with one of its biggest priorities being the elimination of middlemen from all transactions. The platform works exclusively on the Cardano ecosystem and uses a Cardano ERC20 converter to make sure that tokens can be converted with ease. ADAX launched their own token recently, which is now trading on ExMarkets.

3) Bancor
When it comes to trading strategies through using decentralized exchanges, a lot of the focus is on trading tokens and making a profit when the market rallies. Bancor, while it allows users to trade tokens with no sign-up or registration, also enables users to stay long in their tokens by staking them in liquidity mining pools. This involves the user voluntarily depositing their tokens for a certain amount of time and earning not only trading fees, but also rewards, while being protected against impermanent loss.

Bancor is open-source which means that there are no barriers to entry, it’s easier to use, has audited contracts and helps users remain anonymous (given the lack of need to sign up or register on the platform). This is indicative of the market’s current trajectory — where we see users frequent decentralized exchanges over centralized ones for control and utility of their tokens.

4) Viridian Exchange
People have been trading physical collectible cards for decades now but Viridian exchange is taking things a step further by tapping into the power of blockchain technology, specifically non-fungible tokens, which are very popular at the moment.

All users need to do is snap and ship their cards to the exchange’s warehouse facility. Then a digital representation of the card (and NFT) is created and can be bought and sold online. This not only ensures the authenticity of the asset being traded but also warrants proper storage and delivery of the asset when the time comes. Viridian Exchange is ultimately working to blend the old with the new.

5) Delta Exchange

Crypto derivatives trading is getting an upgrade with Delta Exchange and its host of trading options including perpetual swaps, futures, options, Calendar Spreads, and Interest Rate Swaps. With over 70 tokens in its roster including bitcoin and ether and up to 100 times leverage, all your derivatives trading needs can be met in one place. You don’t need to be a master trader to get started on Delta Exchange thanks to their robot trading strategies which include Momentum Strategies, Arbitrage Strategies, and AMM (Automated Market Makers) strategies. You only need to deploy your crypto and watch your yield grow over time.
For those who are more interested in options-based yield strategies, the exchange offers Enhanced Yield BTC, Enhanced Yield ETH, and Enhanced Yield USDT. And with 24/7 customer support, you’ll never be left without guidance or help.